To Resist

It’s VERY hard to convince myself that I do not get to eat 800 cheeseburgers after working a 60 hour week and a 12 hour day.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to make myself do the Wii Fit at all.

Although I was thinking today after coming home from job #1 with only a few hours till Job #2, that working out is for people who do not spend their ENTIRE day being physically active. I’m talking moving 200+ boxes of blinds out of 3 bays and into 3 different bays. Going up and down ladders. Standing up, kneeling down….repeat 500 times. Walking back and forth over a huge warehouse. Spending 4 hours straight putting away Vases, wineglasses, christmas decorations, huge stacks of plates. That was today.

I wish I had one of those Body Bug things they wear on Biggest Loser so I could see on average how many calories I’m burning at my jobs. Lets hope with my reduced calorie eating that the weight starts coming off. I’m down about 5 pounds this week. 10 more and I’ll be back to my lowest weight! Fingers crossed I can do it by January 1st!

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