Winter Wardrobe

I haven’t posted any clothing in a while, so I thought I would share some shopping I did today. Not all of this was purchased (like the $69.95 jeans from the Gap) but I had a fun day trying on lots of things. I bought 3 long sleeve shirts/sweaters for $20 at Savers. The pant hunt still sucks, but oh well. I also got some Christmas decorations, one for a craft project that I will blog about. And in the last photo I finally found a great picture frame at Pier 1 for the 8″ x 10″ engagement picture I had printed a while ago.


Why I would NEVER wear skinny jeans!


4 thoughts on “Winter Wardrobe

  1. you are so cute. skinny jeans are the devil’s jeans for my huge calves and thighs as well. i just can’t get into it. straight legged jeans/boot cut are about as close as i can go, and they’re still tight!

    but when flair jeans come back, and they will, we’ll be ready.

    • oh hell yes! Im all about some flair jeans! Lol! I hope I dont become one of those people who is stuck in the style of her highschool years…lol

      • bah! i know!! everybody here is so hipster and wears tiny jeans or jeggings and i JUST CANT DO IT! our high school clothes were pretty normal… well, like junior and senior year, when we dressed decently.

  2. Morgan! You look fabulous!!!
    I just was just breezing through your blog- it’d be so long since I had visited. I just have to say something about the Gap jeans: I’m obsessed!
    They have become my favorite jeans on the planet, and while $70 isn’t exactly a bargain, they do hold up really well. Also, their website occasionally has unadvertised specials, so you should sign up for their emails. I’ve NEVER paid full price for Gap jeans. The last pair I got was 30% off with some online code. 🙂 So don’t rule them out!

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