To Christmas or Not To Christmas?

That is the question.

I’m mostly talking about decorating.

Part of me really wants to decorate, and part of me thinks whats the point?

However I’m really trying to let my inner “martha” take over and let myself enjoy the Holidays.

So in the spirit of “doin’ it up” I’m going to post some fun things to make over the holidays, and hey I just make actually make some of them…lol!


Doily Ornaments

Ribbon Star ornaments

Paper Doily Wreath

Pinecone Trees


3 thoughts on “To Christmas or Not To Christmas?

  1. I have to admit I am always a fan of decorating, especially for Christmas. After looking at the photos you posted I would suggest at the very least making the paper doily wreath. It will give you something festive for the season, but you could even pull it off in the Spring time if you are feeling too lazy to take it down.

  2. I toally feel you on this, I don’t think we are going to get a tree this year… I would love to find another way to decorate around our new place. Chris picked out some Christmasy type candles to burn around the apt. but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

  3. Those pinecone decorations are the cutest and I just might have to make some of those. Some years I don’t feel like decorating but then give in to the spirit and end up getting lots of enjoyment from seeing how pretty things look night after night.

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