Dress the Part

Funny little tid-bit of information about me. Before I had ever tried on a wedding dress I use to always watch Say Yes To The Dress and hear the girls say “I want to look like me” and I always though “I look like ME every day, why would I want to look like ME on my wedding day. I want to look like someone different, and glamorous” Then I tried on wedding dresses.

I stared in the mirror in full judgmental stance (head cocked and all). I couldn’t even look at my own face, it was too weird. I just stared at the dress trying to pull myself out of the picture. It was one of the weirdest things I ever done. And it was awful. Not sad awful, not even that depressing. Just bad. And it made me realize I DO want to look like myself, and I DONT want to look like a cookie cutter bride.

So I though and thought about it. I looked through all the pictures of dresses I thought I wanted, and then I realized they weren’t me. And no matter how much weight I lost, they were never going to be me. I don’t dress like that. I don’t hold myself like that. I’m not that. So back to the drawing table I go.  In search of a dress that makes me feel comfortable (absolutely NO sleeveless! Being sleeveless to me is like wearing a super short skirt, it doesn’t matter how cute it is if you feel like you wanna die wearing it) and nothing itchy, stiff, tight, taffeta, or shaped like an “A” GOD DAMMIT! (oops sorry)

So I searched the web and these are things that seem a bit more me:

Ok so obviously there’s a lot to look at. Some are just for the sweaters, some would need sweaters added to them, some are for the sleeves. But overall are any of them screaming out MORGAN!? Id love any and all ideas and opinions! THANKS!


9 thoughts on “Dress the Part

  1. My favorite is the one with the lady holding the orange roses, in profile in front of the door. It looks 60’s style, and is super cute!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! Super cute and very you, like I said before I could totally see you in something more vintage than “cookie cutter” bridal gown. You would be so beautiful in something with a little lace and a cute sweater over it… after all you are having a fall wedding in WA so sweaters are definetly ok!! Plus you want to feel comfortable and in whatever you wear. Trust me wearing a tight fitting wedding gown with a corsette bra underneath and a big fluffy thing of tool is not all is cracked up to be. 🙂 Plus it makes it super hard to go to the bathroom, you can ask Hil about that one.

    I know whatever you decide to wear you will be a gorgeous bride, I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle and see the look on J’s face when he sees you for the first time!

  3. i totally agree with the cardigan idea… it looks so cute and unique. i would have never thought to put a cardigan with a wedding dress – adorable, amazing and such a cool idea.

  4. morgan! i love the sweater look with the dresses. very unique… and very much ‘you’.

    and the picture of the guy and girl and the guy has the scarf…. SO CUTE!!

  5. Morgan,
    You have the BEST taste. I think you should design weddings. I have loved everything you have blogged. From dessert tables, bridesmaid dresses, succulents, groom outfits…..etc. And now your weddings dresses! Can I get married again, have you plan it for me and just show up? And be in heaven!!
    You have great taste, my dear. You will find a dress that makes you say yes when you try it on. I promise. Your beautiful.

  6. Weddingdresses and crewneck cardigans are a perfect match.
    On the day I got married it was rather chilly.
    I wore a vintage chunky knitted babypink crewneck cardigan with lovely shiny buttons over my weddingdress. And the cardigan got even more compliments than the dress.

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