A List::

of things i want to do:

-Work through all the beautiful indie music out their and make a wedding play lists. With help from Mix Tape Love, this should be easy.

-Use the video camera I bought Mr. Gaunt 2 years ago to make sweet little movies for our future selves and children.

-Pick one of the many cookbooks I have and work cook my way through it.

-Buy All of these shirts.

-Make an Advent Calendar Pyramid Garland

-Rent some Phoenix Cd’s at the Library

I also found the most amazing song tonight, oh how I wish I could share it with you! However I’m going to try to convince Mr. Gaunt to use it for our first dance, in which case it would be a surprise so I can’t share it. But lordy its amazing! I’m sitting on my couch wearing headphones (while the boys play DJ HERO) and I keep listening to this song over and over and smiling.

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