Poster Invitations

First off I want to say how humbled I am by all the amazingly sweet comments on here (and facebook) for my last post. I’m feeling  a little better today, after hitting an all time low mid-week, crying for an hour over the weather. I also got my period yesterday, and apparently my PMSing was at an all time extreme! None the less I have talked to Mr. Gaunt about it, and for a number of reasons I have decided on Monday to re join Weight Watchers. I’ll post more on this, this weekend. But again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being such great friends!

Ok onto a bit of positive wedding news! I have decided after much debating (in my own head) that I will be doing a poster invitation, that I plan (with Mr. Gaunt’s help) to design myself! I’m not sure whether I’ll do digital or illustrated, or both maybe! I think this will save us some money and still give us a bit of creative expression. I’m a BIG fan of GigPosters and Mr. Gaunt and I have quite the collection of them, I like the idea of making our own. We can even frame it after the wedding, and I hope it will be cool enough that our friends and family might want to do the same. I’m going to have to look into mailing small poster tubes, and hopefully that wont be too crazy expensive. None the less here are some great examples of what I’m thinking:

And last but not least:

-I lost my phone (so call mr.gaunt if you need me):

-I start my 2nd job on Sunday.

-Ill be making Pumpkin Whoopie Pies for a harvest Party Tomorrow!



10 thoughts on “Poster Invitations

  1. These are adorable and such a cool idea! Love them all. Have so much fun creating your poster. The framing idea after the wedding is awesome too!

  2. I think it’s such a cute idea! (Also, you can just email me the date, etc. if you want to save $ on mine and coral’s invite)

  3. I love the posters honey. I keep trying to call you, but obviously the lost phone is the problem. You should call me on J’s phone tomorrow before I go to work at five. Love you lots, Mom

  4. OMG!!! Super cute idea Morgan! Super original!!!! I love that they are posters and that you are going to mail them out in poster tubes!

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