Its day one! PLUS UPDATE

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th Birthday (that I will post on later) therefore today is September 13th! The first day of our Couch to 5K program! We ate all sorts of yummy things last week, a grand finale if you will. So today we can start dropping pounds!

New Workout Shoes I got for my Birthday!

Here’s our training for today:

WEEK ONE: workout 1:

Brisk five-minute warm up walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

Pretty simple I’d say. I’m mean I’m sure it’s going to kill us, but we are giving it our best shot!

(I will update this post after we complete the workout)


So we (sort of) did it! I told Mr. Gaunt when we got there that it was 90 seconds of walking, but he thought that wasnt right and convinced me it was longer, so we walked for 120 seconds.  Oh well. It was STILL bloody hard! And I knew it would be. The first run was ok, even the second. The third was hard, and only got harder. My legs got a little tired, and my breathing sucks. Not asthma, just heavy breathing. As soon as I walk my breathing regulates nicely, so it’s just something that will get better as I work at it.

Mr. Gaunt actually did WAY better than me! I was surprised, he was fast and didn’t seem nearly as exhausted as I was. I’m proud of him. After the workout we sat in the parking lot of the park and waited 45 minutes for AAA to unlock the keys our of car…that was fun….lol!

I’m excited to keep working at it and hopefully I’ll get stronger and better at it! Yay for learning to run!

7 thoughts on “Its day one! PLUS UPDATE

  1. You can do it Morgan!! I barely made it the whole minute of running, but I’m pretty sure you are in better shape then me since I haven’t worked out in forever!

  2. Day two almost killed us. Super sore legs…ugg. But my breathing was MUCH better. I had a better pace this time. Tough to say how day three will look.

    • Don’t forget to take breaks in between days… it says to only do it 3 days a week and let your muscles rest in between… We are going Mon., Wed. and Friday as of right now since Chris is playing indoor soccer on Sundays.

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