Sweet Potato and Kale Hash

This was an “empty the fridge” kind of night that just happened to turn into something wonderful! Mr. Gaunt loves Sweet Potatoes, so I buy them and try to use them in recipes that make them a bit more interesting to me. Now I kind of winged this one, so I don’t have exact measurements or directions, but it goes a little something this:


2 Medium Sweet Potatoes

1 Avocado

1 Large bunch of kale chopped up

1/2 a diced onion

Parmesan Cheese

1 Chicken Sausage (optional)

Olive Oil

Minced Garlic

Red Pepper Flakes

Salt and Pepper


-Peel and dice (into dice size cubes) Sweet Potatoes. Chop Kale, Put both into a large pot of boiling water.

-You only want the Sweet Potatoes al dente, not mush. Watch them carefully and pull one out to verify its al dente.

-Get a separate LARGE pan and heat up olive oil. Add minced garlic, onions and red pepper flakes. Cook until onions are clear-ish.

-Cut sausage into small chunks and add it to the pan.

– When sweet potatoes are ready drain them (and the kale) and put into the pan.

-Turn heat up and cook like you would frozen hash browns. Letting them sit for a bit to fry up then turning them. Let them get slightly brown. If they seem to not be getting mushy enough you can cover the pan and let them steam a bit.

-When everything is nice and cooked add chopped avocado, sprinkle with salt and pepper and parmesan. Let cheese melt and serve.

Sorry the directions are kind of crappy. Feel free to edit them to work best for you. The Garlicy Cheesy Kale and Sweet Potato makes such a nice combo. This makes a fair amount too, and the leftovers are great! Will make again!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Potato and Kale Hash

  1. I will definitly try this colorful and nutrient rich recipe.
    This year I grew Lacinato “dinosaur kale” for the first time.
    The leaves are a dark blue-green and looks attractive among the zinnias. I’m going to wait for the first light frost before havesting.

  2. I am having a clean out the fridge day also, googled sweet potato and kale and this came up. It sounds very good, and easy, to this relatively experienced cook. i think I will make a couple of changes though. First, don’t see a reason for the avocado (or have one one to add) but I do have some Craisins i think would be good to plump and put in during the final step, and maybe I’ll mince up the tail end of a piece of ginger root as well. No parmesan but I do have some thin sliced Swiss cheese on hand and think that some torn bits of that would be a nice finishing touch instead. Your picture shows the kale still green–don’t see how you manage that if it boiled as long as the sweet potatoes! I like my kale still a bit on the crunchy side so I think I will wait to add it after potatoes get halfway done, or maybe add in to the sauteed onion phase of the cooking. PS I am a cat lover too.

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