Thoughts on Skipping Dinner

Alright, before anyone freaks out and goes into “eating disorder” “starvation” “metabolism meltdown” mode, let me explain.
When I say skipping dinner, really I mean changing dinner. Making dinner the smallest and least planned meal, turning it more into an evening “healthy snack” of sorts.
See Mr. Gaunt and I start our day at 5am, and have usually consumed about 200 calories by 5:45 am. That means we have on average another 17 hours of “eating time” to fill. If you eat ever 2-3 hours, that’s a ton of food.
Currently we eat like this:
5:00 am WAKEUP!
5:45 am BREAKFAST: Drink smoothies while driving to work (200 Calories) some mornings we also have a light  pb&j (150 calories)
8:00 am BREAK: Cliff bar or piece of fruit (150 – 200 Calories)
10:00 am LUNCH: Fruit + meal (500-600 Calories)
12:30 am BREAK: Tea
4:30 SNACK: Ezekiel bread with swiss cheese, tomato and avocado open face (300 Calories)
So it’s about 5 hours before bed time and I have consumed give or take 1300 calories. According to this site I should eat 1900 calories to lose fat and 1680 calories for extreme fat loss.
That gives me 300 more calories for the rest of the day. I can tell you right now, that although I make dinner almost every night, I am never starving. I’ll even admit that sometimes I’m not even hungry, I just eat because I made it. I would be perfectly happy with a sandwich, or some fruit, or another smoothie. I don’t need a 600 calorie dinner. I eat great all day, I’m never hungry because I eat every two hours.
This will also help because Mr. Gaunt and I plan to start the Couch to 5k plan. Running around 6pm. I don’t want to be A. Full or B. Worried about starting dinner. I want no excuses to not work out!
So we are going to give it a shot for one week and see how we feel. If we are hungry we will eat. If we are tired or headachey or in any way uncomfortable we will re assess the situation.The main goal is to eat during the day when we are being active and working, and get all our calories and nutrition early on so the evening can be a time for working out, digestion and relaxation.
Any opinions are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Skipping Dinner

  1. I know that it has long been preached to eat your biggest meal at breakfast, middle at lunch and smallest at dinner. I want to credit the idea to Adelle Davis but I’m not sure if she originated it. In any case, it totally makes sense and I think you have a good plan. I have no appetite in the morning and always want a huge dinner….but that may be why I’m not hungry in the AM–b/c of the huge dinner!

  2. I told Chris about the Couch to 5k plan this morning after reading this and he was very excited about it…. We started it tonight… I forgot how out of shape I really am, it’s hard to run for 1 minute without feeling like I’m going to pass out.

    And on other note, I totally agree with the no dinner thing… we are just not getting dinner started at 8pm and I’m not even hungry because I’ve been trying to eat small snacks every few hours as well. Oh well guess we’ll have lunch for tomorrow if nothing else.

    • yes, Im so excited to start the couch to 5k thing too! Im sure Ill want to die! Ill do a blog post probably monday or tuesday on it.

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