The Thin Is Coming Back IN!

This backside is getting smaller!

Oh yes my friends, this blog was once dedicated to getting skinny (in a totally healthy non-vanity sort of way) before it became all about cooking, weddings, and my relationship ups and downs. Not that you all don’t love to hear about that stuff too…lol! But the blog once had a purpose, and a very successful purpose…SEVENT FIVE POUNDS of purpose. And now she is BACK!

To catch you all up on my weight, I have gained between 7-10 pound since my lowest weight. Meh whatcha gonna do? I have no shame. I hit my lowest weight almost 8 months ago and have more or less maintained that weight….go me! That is without Weight Watchers and without the gym.  Basically I eat healthy enough to maintain my weight without doing much physical activity.

I guess the weight loss stopped when I quit weight watchers, quit obsessing, and started my clean eating. In the last few months though I have loosened up on some of my rules, rules that were important and that need to be put back in place!



1. No sugary Alcohol drinks. I’m not opposed to alcohol, it’s a part of the socialization scene and it can be fun. The problem is the SUGAR! Margaritas, vodka cranberries, pina coladas, all full of sugar. I need to reinstate my strict Vodka and diet tonic only.

2. no eating after 7pm. This can be hard, but I get off at 2:30 so I shouldnt let the lax.

3. Drink only water and maybe tea. Again pretty much all beverages are shit and sugar. Water is the best.

4. Nothing Fried! Ever, that’s just stupid. No fish and chips, french fries, nada!

5. Snacking is for veggies. I have to remember to keep my hand out of the chip bag. I have no self-control after I have one.

6. Veggies should be the main course. 3/4 of your plate should be veggies, not meat or carbs.

7. No beef or Pork. I find this limits my meat intake, which is always best.

8. Biggest meals first. Big breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner.

9. Small healthy snack always packed. Otherwise you will eat you own face.

10. EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!! Ugg.

So those are the big things I have slacked on. Not a lot, just a little here and there. But breaking those rules have only brought back 10 very VERY unwanted pounds. Booo.

my favorite shirt of all time!

Its my birthday this week and I’m doing a lame “LAST HURRAH” and letting myself have sushi and cake and not work out. However this will ALL END monday morning! September 13th is the start of my “Skinny Bride” “Healthy Weight” “Healthy Girl” plan. I’m even starting a new weight loss progression chart over there ———>

And weigh in will be Friday Morning, just like when I use to go to weight watchers. I will weigh myself in front of Mr. Gaunt and he will force me to write it down.

So how much more do I want to lose? 50 pounds. Yup 50, in 12 months! That’s 4.1 pounds a month and 1.04 pounds a week. that is so do-able!

Mr. Gaunt wants to lose 35 pounds in the next year. That’s 2.9 pounds a month and .7 a week. Again he can do it!

For my birthday I’m getting new tennis shoes because mine are shot. Mr. Gaunt and I have big plans for working out that I plan to hold him to! Mostly running or at least walking 5 days a week, or more.

So there yah go. If you don’t see me post again on this in 2 weeks YELL AT ME! because I’m serious! I’m gonna FINISH getting Skinny!


7 thoughts on “The Thin Is Coming Back IN!

  1. Taylor and I are on the “get skinny for Morgan & Jay’s wedding” bandwagon. We started a week ago. I even bought a scale, something I thought I would never do. I want to loose 50lbs also. We can all encourage each other!

    • woop woop! Scales are awesome! Im a scale lover! As soon as you start eating bad, stand on the scale and it will remind you to eat a salad…lol!

      We will be gaunt for the GAUNT/MELIM wedding!

  2. thank god you’re back at it, morg. i NEEEEED you to inspire, share, and struggle/succeed with!! i have missed this part of your blog, and my own for that matter.

    i have gained about 4 pounds in the last two monhts, but it’s time to get my head out of my ass and get on the “lose 15-25 pounds by morgan’s” wedding. WE CAN DO IT!!!!

    my gym opens again next week. thank god. and i’m back at logging all of my meals, meal planning, and calorie counting. i felt like losing 50 pounds was easier than losing these last 15-25 will be, it feels daunting, but with your words of wisdom, guidance, and support, and know we will look bangin’ by your wedding.

    love you (and jj)!!!

    • dude Im sure you hear it all the time, but you are so thin these days! Really 25 more pounds? That seems like you will waste away! But I understand each person has their own idea of where they want to be. But yes I am back into it! Im actually excited to start watching the pounds come off, its a rather thrilling thing!

  3. Good for you Morgan! I got lazy myself this past month and I’m sure I’ve gained back a few pounds from my lowest in over a decade! Shame on me! I’m getting back on track myself as of today (supposed to be Monday, oops). But not gonna beat myself up about it. I’m excited to read your weight loss inspirations again. Good-luck! 🙂

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