Portobello Love

Apparently I am completely in love with Portobello Mushrooms, who knew? I had never had them, although I’ve heard many a times that they are delish as a burger replacement. This past weekend while the boys make steak, Jenny and I tried our hand at Portobello Burgers.

Holy grail were they amazing! For real I didn’t even kind of miss the meat! We used this recipe, although I’m pretty sure we did balsamic vinegar not red wine vinegar. We also made the mayo using that Olive Oil Mayo, so yummy! I would eat these all summer!

On the Grill

with fresh Mozzarella

Topped with Baby Spinach, Rosemary Mayo on a French Roll

I also made a little Strawberry Shortcake with home made whip cream. Lets just say Liam was a huge fan of the whip cream, rubbing his chest (baby sign language for please) ferociously after each bite…lol…too cute!

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