Sportin’ a Skirt

I would just like to say that if you have ever in your entire life been able to comfortably wear a Bikini, than you should thank your lucky stars, or your parents for blessing you with such genetics. For some of us a Bikini will never ever happen. I have long since forgotten any day-dream of ever wearing a bikini, or any suit that made me look in some way descent. Nope, the ultimate goal in a swimsuit is FUNCTION + Whatever looks the least ugly. I’m not even saying it makes me look good, just not horrific.

Now I could get all sorts of dramatic and stress all the reasons why I look bad in a bathing suit, but I’ll save you from the 10 page list. Even after losing 75lbs, I’m gonna go out on a branch here and say I might actually look worse than before. Now my skin is lose and unpleasant to look at…ha! Especially the thighs, which is the area my body has apparently decided is the best place to store fat. I’m still working on accepting my legs.

I mentioned a month or so ago that Ms. G gave me a swimsuit…with a skirt. Part of me (since I was a little girl and would go Hot Tubbing with my Grandma) has always wanted to wear a skirted swimsuit. The other part of me realized that it’s about as Grandma-y as it gets. This year, I could give a shit. I’m SOOOOO over trying to look cute or hip or cool, now I’m dressing simply because I like it, and hopefully because its flattering.

Which brings me to the floral skirted swimsuit Ms. G gave me. Pretty much its the most comfortable suit I have ever owned! Seriously people. I actually walked from her house to the pool wearing nothing but my swimsuit, that’s how nice I feel in it. The only complaint I have ever had is that the print isn’t really my style. Its big pink roses on a black background. By no means is it the worst thing I have ever seen, just not particularly trendy. So anyway Mr. Gaunt and I were at Marshals the other night and I happened to be browsing the skirted swimsuit section (ha, I sound like a loser now) and found a pretty darn cute suit (with a skirt) for $40.

Tried it on and bought it! I’m very pleased with this suit, it has a cute Tennis dress feel. I will be bringing both suits to Washington in two weeks (from today) and will wear my skirts proudly…lol!

6 thoughts on “Sportin’ a Skirt

  1. You look really fantastic in that! And it is a comfortable looking, cute swimsuit! I’ve never really thought of skirted swimsuits that much before, but that one’s awesome! And the important part definitely is liking it yourself. Yay for swimsuits!

  2. Girl, I think that swimsuit is so super cute! Who cares about wearing a bikini if you can rock the skirted suit lol. I’m weird and backwards. When I was young and skinny, I had self-esteem issues and imagined I was a gigantic obese person…at 100 pounds. And I wore my mother’s skirted swimsuit. Now that I AM overweight, I’m wearing bikinis and letting all the cellulite hang out. However, I bought a tankini last year when I gained even more weight b/c I’m now borderline obese and it just ain’t right to be wearing a bikini when you look pregnant and arent’–lol.

  3. That is super cute! They have made skirted swimsuits cuter apparently, that just looks like a little sundress, they used to have a big ruffly thing that started at the hip. Loves it!

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