Still Eating Kale.

Did you now Kale is a winter vegetable? Isnt that odd, its main season is December – February! However we live in a magic world where you can get it year round! I actually have some local Purple kale in the fridge Im gonna put on a pizza later this week. Last week in an attempt to eat a head of kale before it went bad, I made this yummy dinner.

The Ravioli is from Costco, and not something I would normally buy. Its Garlic Brie Ravioli that was surprisingly low in fat, and it sounded amazing! In the end it was only ok. I actually prefer to eat it raw (I know its weird, as a child I loved raw Tortellini) because when you cook it, it’s really hard to keep them from opening and boiling all the cheese out. After making like 15, I probably only got 8 that still had cheese in them…lame.

For the toppings, I sautéed a white diced onion with some minced garlic and mushrooms. Then added a large amount of chopped Kale to steam. Meanwhile I broiled some cherry tomatoes with olive oil in the oven. After the kale was soft I added a little more Olive Oil, Red Pepper Flakes and Parmesan, and salt and pepper.

Put on top of the ravioli, and it was quite yummy!  Id do it again, only with whole wheat pasta.

One thought on “Still Eating Kale.

  1. That is the same complaint I have about ravioli – not enough filling and it never stays inside. BOO!! But the topping with kale sounds great.

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