Hey MOM!

It has come to my attention that I have been a blog slacker. This is sorta true, we are too darn busy. I’m keeping this short because I had two margaritas for Cinco De Mayo, and I’m tipsy. I did however get a new phone, woohoo! And my BFF Mallory and I have decided to start our own Eco/Green Friendly Event Planning business together! Well we have lots to think about, and I have to move back to Washington, but it is all very exciting! I also booked tickets to Washington for July.

I wish I was gonna see my mom for Mothers day! Hopefully her card gets there on time, I miss her.

Today is my one year anniversary of losing weight. I have gained 5lbs, Im lame. I think I might have to revamp my eating tomorrow, I’ll blog about it. In honor of this, I cut 4 inches off my hair. I think I like it, it’s a lot healthier.

I leave you with a pics that didn’t need a whole post, but together make a fun collage!

Mr. Gaunt and I. This is his “I love u” face.

And Hula being cute drinking milk

Oh and I bought a Brita, but have had some difficulties with it, I’ll blog about “WATER” soon

I also snuggled a Fritz!

Had a girls night with Dominique and C’est Moi Jolie! We are planning a big girls night for the Premier of Sex and the City!

Made a yummy Vegan Chocolate Cereal snack with Kiwi!


4 thoughts on “Hey MOM!

  1. I was also thinking that we could contract Kelli as a consultant since, I dunno, she kind of gets paid to be green?

  2. Love your new plan. You’ll have to check out Oly when you’re here. Love you and can’t wait till you guys get here!

  3. Umm… I TOTALLY want to be a contributing consultant on this new green event planning project! I’m chalk full of ideas! 🙂


    Also, Morg, I was thinking… because you have been working out and walking more recently, you could have gained muscle weight… it sucks that working out makes the scale go up a bit, but it’s SO good for your heart!

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