A simple Summer List

My lovely lady Kelli is always making blog lists.

I really enjoy a blog list.

This is my Summer Blog List:

1. Hit the farmers market every Sunday and buy as much local as I can. (Market opens May 1st!)

2. Take at least one quick swim every day after work (Pool open May 31st)

3. Take Mr. Gaunt to a You-Pick Farm (see the list of farms here)

4. Hike Garden of The Gods and spend time in Manitou Springs.

5. Hit up as many weekend festivals as we can! Peoples Fair, Ren Fest, Beer Fest, and More!

6. Spend a weekend camping at Mt. Rushmore.

7. Visit Jake in Los Alamos New Mexico.

8. Take a writing class, golfing class, blogging class at ACC Community Classes.

9. Buy a bike and bike regularly with Mr. Gaunt.

10. Plant an entire window sill herb garden.

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