Etsy Eco-Friendly Wish List

Reusable Produce Bags (7 for $14) from Qwerty O’s

Beet The System Lunch Sack ($12) from jpharris

Reusable Snack Bag ($7.25) from Mama Made

Dryer Pillow Sheets set (3 for $12.75) from zJayne

Reusable Coffee Filter ($6.50) from EvelynFields


3 thoughts on “Etsy Eco-Friendly Wish List

  1. LOVE the reusable sandwich bags! Pricey…. 7 for one. Would need to slowly add to an inventory of it, probably!
    Always love your posts!

    • Agreed thats a bit pricey. Im gonna try to make some on my own. If I come up with a good pattern Ill share it here!

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