White Tee’s

My good friend Kelli has been losing weight over the last year and half, and looks stinking AMAZING! We had a picture taken of the two of us about 2 years ago at the Denver Zoo both wearing white T-Shirts. We decided that we wanted to take an updated version while I was in Washington this past weekend. Enjoy!

Kelli and Me: October 2007

Kelli and Me: March 2010

Oh and just because I love a shock value, this is Kelli and I nine months ago. The last time I was in Washington for a friends wedding 50lbs ago:

Kelli and Me: August 2009

5 thoughts on “White Tee’s

  1. You both look rediculously awesome! You should be very proud. I need to take a lesson on good eating habits. I am doing good at the working out part… I just haven’t been able to give up chocolate yet 😉

  2. Ah! Morgan! We look so much different. I guess I couldn’t really see it until this comparison shot. Good work team! And you look so great! Too bad we aren’t that tan anymore though.

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