I Quit Weight Watchers Today.

Please do not confuse this with “I quit watching my weight.” Two very different things.

I’m sure you might be thinking “What?! You’re gonna blow up like a cow!”

I too had this thought. But it’s not true. I will not gain the weight back.

My Morgan aren’t we rather optimistic.

Why yes we are!

You see when I started Weight Watchers I was in dire need of guidance. I needed someone to hold my hand and tell me what and how much to eat. I needed a plan. I needed a list of RIGHT and WRONG. I needed Points.

10 months later I am a new person. A different person. 75 pounds less of a person.

I have learned to eat correctly. Not perfectly, but correctly.

Weight Watchers is an amazing plan. They can take a complete moron and make them thin. I promise you. The plan is simple and structured. I credit each and every one of pounds loss to the help of Weight Watchers. I will forever recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight. It was worth the $429 I spent on it, every freaking penny.

As much as I loved Weight Watchers, I feel that we have run our course, and for that WW should be proud of me! I have grown strong on my own two legs, and I no longer feel the need to lean on them. I have taken all the information they have given me and run with it! I have transformed my entire thinking on food.

I havent followed the WW plans in months (and months) although I was still going to the meetings. For me the Weigh-ins were a way to motivate myself into dropping pounds every week. As I talked about in this post, I am no longer trying to shed pounds fast, instead I am letting the healthy food and physical fitness take their course and bring my body gently down to the weight I need to be. I have a scale at home which I weigh myself on every morning to keep me in check. I have also made plans for a number of physical activities to keep those calories burning.

I have known people who have done bazar diets in the past, diets that help you lose weight, yet never really teach you to eat like a normal person. They usually gain back the weight. I never though I would be counting points until I died. That really doesn’t seem realistic. What I needed most was to learn how to eat healthy. Not only to have the information, but to live it and trust in it. We all know whats good and bad for us, but do you respect that information? I honestly feel like I have changed my life and that I am living with food, not against it. I am NOT on a diet.

I did however feel a tinge of sadness as I hit the “Yes I want to Cancel my membership” button today. It was letting go of those last little life lines and standing up and saying “I’m Strong Enough On My Own!” Now I don’t judge anyone who doesn’t quit, or anyone who wants to stay on plan for life. Good for you! Do whatcha gotta do! And I could always go back if I really felt I needed to, it’s always right down the road.

Today though I feel proud of myself. And I wont lie, I’m pleased we will be saving $40 a month. That money will be used for veggies and mini golf, and other fun things to keep us healthy.

So heres to you Weight Watchers! Thank You, and Goodbye.

6 thoughts on “I Quit Weight Watchers Today.

  1. I’m proud of you for how far you’ve come and for what a strong woman you are! This isn’t the end of something but rather the beginning of the next part of your journey.

  2. I say, food job! And if you find that you need it, then no biggie….get back into it. You really are shaving off some monthly bills. Good job, girl! Also, eating well is a lifestyle. Im glad that you feel that you have that now. Its not a diet, a fad, a trend. Its a way of life. And, you really show that.

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