St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Mr. Gaunt, Dominique and I all went to the big St. Patty’s Day parade in Denver yesterday. The weather was freaking GORGEOUS, I was pretending it was summer. We had lots of fun drink (Bloody Marry’s, Irish Coffee, Screw Drivers, White Russian Slurpees) and I took pictures of all the cute dogs there….lol! In the end we decided that the SPD Parade should really not be a place for 1. Dogs 2.Babies/Strollers 3. Pregnant Women. It was crazy crowded, but overall a splendid time. Downtown Denver has a pretty sweet Bar Lineup so its fun to spend some time down there.

Green Eyeliner and Shamrocks were painted on in the car.

An Irish Pub

Dominique and I. First Cocktails before noon.

Cute Pups Galore!

Green Abe

Roof Top Bars are sweet

Roller Girls

Alcoholic Slurpees!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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