I wasted 23 years not caring about my STOMACH. I’m wrapping my whole body in this term: STOMACH.

I ate to taste artificial.

I ate to be full.

In my 24th year I finally let the knowledge sink in and feed me.

I eat for purity.

I eat to be strong.

I never thought I was uneducated about food, I really didn’t. I thought Low Fat foods were better for me. I thought Carbs were bad. I thought eating meat was the natural way of life. I thought a grocery store was a grocery store, was a grocery store.

I had friends who were vegetarians (love them all dearly) but the guilt they often laid on me only made me rebel against them. Organic was expensive, recycling was annoying, meat was tasty. I felt anger towards anyone who wanted to tell me what I should or shouldn’t put in my body. And I had every right to be. My body My Choice. I feel pretty strongly that when it comes to someone’s health, only give advice when asked. Especially when it is weight related. Giving someone the “eew thats gross” face will NOT change the way they eat. It will only make them think you’re an uppity ass.

I think healthy eating is a lifelong path. Not only because we as a species are continuously learning what’s good and bad for us (it wasnt until 1981 that they put a warning to pregnant women on alcohol bottles!) but because I believe weaning yourself from bad habits is a slow process.

Lately I’ve been having overwhelming self-improvement feelings. While reading Body + Soul Magazine tonight it was all I could do not to run to whole foods to buy some organic foundation. I have now lost about 75 pounds, which is a lot, but I still need to lose another 45 pounds. Im no longer looking to drop major pounds fast though. I want to spend the next 45 pounds really focusing on what is good for my body. On developing a food regiment that is pure and whole and brings my body gently down to a healthy weight. If I eat as healthy as possible and my body still wont lower in weight, then maybe this is where my body wants to be. I will no longer obsess over dropping 2 pounds a week every week. Im going to let this happen in its own time.

So I have some new goals that I would like to achieve in the next six months that are as followed:

-Use our Re-Usable grocery bags EVERY time we shop (even at Target)

-Spend less than $67 a week on food

-Have 1/2 of our food budget go to fruits and vegetables

-Shop the farmers market when they open.

-Spend less than $10 a week on food with artificial ingredients

-Make my own instant Oatmeal Packets

-Try buying bulk beans and cooking them instead of canned

-make my own dried fruit with a food dehydrator

-Learn to can this summer

-Take up regular swimming when the pool opens

-Practice softball once a week along with our weekly games

-Treat my skin kindly with organic soaps, sunscreen (not organic) and salves.

-Learn to make my own skin products (I have an awesome book)

-Slowly eat or throw away all of our artificial foods (and not buy more)

-Shop more used stores.

-purge unwanted art supplies (its ok to let go)

-Find a creative outlet that makes me happy

– Drink more tea, less coffee

-Look more into the Mediterranean Diet

-Read all the books I have on clean eating

-Read more in general

-Continue to try to convince Mr. Gaunt to cancel our cable at least for the summer

-Throw away clothes that dont fit and I dont want tailored.

-Take a photography class, and continue to perfect my skills.

13 thoughts on “HEART. BRAIN. STOMACH.

    • The book I have is called Home Made, Best Made and it has tons of stuff! Amazon says:
      More than 650 projects that are simple to make-and money-saving as well. Step-by-step instructions for items you can make from the kitchen, the yard, and the garden, plus how to make your own cosmetics and herbal remedies.

      Its pretty sweet and I definitely want to use it this summer! Ive also seen books at the library Ive wanted to try too, but figure Ill start with this book.

      heres the Amazon link:

  1. hey, I pride myself on not being a preachy vegetarian, and since I eat fish now, I am hardly a real vegetarian anymore, more of a ‘pescatarian.’ I need to you come live here and help me to be healthier. It would help if Aaron were more supportive, but he’s more of your prior ‘organic is expensive, meat is tasty’ school of thought. He needs JJ to show him real men eat organic, ha ha. I am SO excited to see you in…a week and 4 days!

    • Agreed mal you were never preachy, and if you ever were I would just picture you eating mass amounts of cold ribs at Harstein…lol! And yeah JJ is really not down with the idea of getting rid of all artificial ingredients. He loves his beer and diet mt dew, as well as the 100 calorie snack packs. I told him I will just stop buying them and he can learn to live on fruits and veggies. Also I do feel like I should be cooking more meals and snacks for him so its just as convenient for him to eat good food as it is for him to eat garbage. I mean Im the one wanting him to do it, so I have to step up to the plate.

      I too can not wait to see you!!! I saw pics of you and some girl on facebook and actually felt jealous that she got spend all that time with you…lol!

    • I agree with Mal on this matter, you need to bring JJ here and kick Chris’s but into gear as well or maybe you can help him… We need an intervention with Aaron & Chris. I’m trying so hard to buy healthy and eat healthy but when your signifcant other looks at whole wheat or anything that is not bleached or artificially flavored as “gross” it’s very hard. I pointed out some rice at Costco last night and it had different grains & colors in it and suggested that we buy it Chris gave me the biggest look of disgust and had to tell me that the rice wasn’t white. UGGGG, what do you do? And I’m trying to cut red meat out slowly but BBQ season is coming up which means Chris will expect to eat steaks at least once a week if not more.

      Can’t wait to see you both very soon!!

      • mmm…steak. Its a sad day that Steak cant be as healthy as veggies. Im planning on having JJ do a post soon about how he has changed his eating too.

  2. my dearest: you are so wise for your 24 years! What wonderful goals… I like them. If you don’t mind, I would like to make a couple of those some of my goals as well. One goal I am working on is getting more vegies in after I get my 75 grams of protien in.. Still losing…want to continue to lose 10 lbs a month! Your receipes always look so delicious, when I am down to Littleton I just might drop in for a taste … (just kidding)..but really…they look awesome.

  3. Great goals Morgan! It’s amazing how great you will feel eating fresh & organic foods only. I’m working towards that myself, right now I’m working on the “eating my way through artificial foods & not buying more” & “using the re-usable grocery bags.” And I’m inspired to look into making my own beauty & skincare products! Thanks for the idea! And congrats on your progress & re-focusing. 🙂

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