This is NOT a Cake Wreck, Its a Cake Win!

My coworker Josh had his last day today so last night Dominique came over and we made him a cake! Early in the day we had gone to Cake Crafts and picked up some decorating supplies, then Dominique made the yellow cake from scratch (yeah I know, NOT from a box…crazy!) and brought it to my house. From there we made this amazing chocolate frosting (ingredients: butter, chocolate…thats it…lol!) it required two chocolate bars that you mix into the other ingredients in a food processor but I only have a tiny food processor, so the chocolate stayed a little chunky. It looked like dirt, which went nicely with the theme. We drank Flirtini’s while we decorated the cake.

Before I show you the AMAZINGNESS that is our cake, I need to give you a little background on Josh. See Josh is 25, married with two kids and one on the way. Dominique calls him “The Breeder” and we all make many a joke on how many kids Josh can pump out. This is all in good fun and he laughs. Josh is also kind of a rugged mountain man, he’s actually leaving to go work in Alaska building 90 miles of fence (yeah for real) so many a Caribou and Sara Palin jokes are made too. Josh is a really funny guy, and we poke fun at him a lot. I will miss him.

So onto the cake. A brief description: A Caribou Farm in Alaska surrounded by the fence Josh built to keep out all of his babies…

josh very much appreciated the cake. Im going to email his wife pictures of the cake too so she can see it in all its glory!

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