A Picture is Worth 75lbs.

Well it took me a month and a half longer than planned, but I have reached my goal of hitting 75lbs lost (on my scale, not WW scale) and I could not be more pleased. There were days that I never thought this would happen. Now for the BIG BIG BIG news, I have debated sharing this for so long, but now being here the pride I have in my own determination and strength overpowers any shame or embarrassment I might have once had. Today my lovely blog readers I share with you this….

sorry so dark, it was early in the morning yesterday

Well yup, you can do the math, but that my friend means I have lost SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS! I am the shit, no other words can be used. Today I will not apologize for I what I once weighed, today I will bask in the joy that I am in ONE-DERLAND!

Also just for shits and giggles I took a follow-up shot of me in underwear today to compare against the one I took the first day I started Weight Watchers. I will NOT be sharing these photos with you, at least not yet. I think I may when I hit my goal weight of 160 (ONLY 40 more pounds to go!) but we will see. The comparison in the two photos is literally MIND BLOWING! For real, words can not explain how much better I look, or how bad I use to look, but again we are living in the NOW.

However I also took an “Outfit” Before and after shot! The first one is from August 18th at 39.2lbs lost (or 234.8).The second shot is today at 75lbs lost, or 199! Both pics in the EXACT same outfit, enjoy!

August 2009 - 234.8lbs

February 2010 - 199lbs





17 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth 75lbs.

  1. Can you see it now? And they say that seeing is believing, so believe it! Those first two pictures are like a time warp, aren’t they?! You’re amazing xo

  2. MORGAN!!! CONGRATS, my friend! CONGRATS!

    This has probably been one of the most eye opening, hardest, yet rewarding things you could have ever done. Changing ourselves on the outside requires changing ourselves from the inside (which is much harder to do, in my opinion).

    I’m so proud of you for sharing, and for knowing that it doesn’t matter at all what that scale says, it matters how you feel. And it sounds like you feel great!

    Good work, Morg!

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