Shoe-Years Resolution!

Well this obviously wasn’t one of my main New Years Resolutions, but I did make it. This year I decided I want to wear more high heels, well more stylish shoes in general. See I’ve always been a purse gal, I have about a million purses and I love getting more! I think I love them because it doesn’t matter what size you are, a purse always fits. Shoes are a whole nother thing. As far as I can remember I’ve been a size 10, which sounds big, but a lot of  women are right around there.  Since losing weight though my feet have shrunken to about a 9.5 (how the heck does that work?) so some of my old shoes don’t really fit that well. Most of my adult life I have religiously worn flip flops, year-round. I love them! They are cheap and comfy! I also have always had this weird thing where I like a shoes that makes my feet look wider. I know it sounds crazy, but when I would wear tiny shoes (like high heels and even some tennis shoes) that made my feet look narrower I always felt like it made my body look huge in comparison. Wide feet match a wide body! Ha…my own neurosis!

Anyways this year I’m giving it an honest effort to upgrade my shoes and try to wear less flip flops. Here are a few shoes I have acquired over the last month or two:

From Savers

From some trashy shoe store in the mall

From Target

From Plato's Closet

5 thoughts on “Shoe-Years Resolution!

  1. Omg i love your “stance” for the shots of you in high heels… it is so secretarial! Oh, i have the exact same shoes from Target, only I got them in kind of a burgundy color… also, I don’t know how recently you have been to Target, but they had a ton of their Fall shoes on clearance and I got those cute moccasin-ish ones for $6.50!

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