Im being forced to get hi-tech.

My phone broke today. I’ve had he same phone for umm…like almost three years. It was the free one I got when I last re-uped my contract. It was adorable and very basic. I don’t require much from a phone, but I also treat them well and they usually last me a good few years. Anyway at work today I noticed the hinge had broken and the phone was basically in two pieces. Normally this would cause a panic, but I had just received an email from Verizon telling me that I could upgrade, so I wouldn’t have to pay much for a new one.

My old phone. Red and cute.

Mr. Gaunt and I went this evening to check out the phones and see what my options were. I had only two requirements from a  phone, ONE I wanted a good camera (3 mgp or more) and TWO I didnt want internet. Not that I dont love internet (i really do) but I didn’t want to pay for it, and I didn’t think I would like surfing the web on such a tiny screen. Heres how things went down:

VERIZON: “welcome to Verizon what can we do for you today?”

ME: “Umm I broke my phone and I need to look into getting a new one”

V: “Sure let me put you in the computer to get you help”

(yeah it’s some weird thing where they put you on a list and you wait until they call your name)

(at this point Mr. Gaunt and I browse around and I find a phone I might like, but I like to get honest opinions from the experts)

DOUCHEY VERIZON GUY: “Hi I’m Vatim (yeah that was his name, wtf) what can I help you with?

ME: “Umm yeah I broke my phone (holds up old ghetto broken phone) and I need a new one, but I have few requirements. I dont want anything too fancy, no internet please and I want a good camera. I’m looking at this ENV TOUCH is this quality?”

DVG: “Well you have to have internet with that”

ME: “Oh no I dont want that, what can I get without internet?”

(he looks at me like I’m nuts)

DVG: “Umm well you can get these ones”

(he points to a small selection of phones labeled USER FRIENDLY PHONES! It might as well say PHONES FOR OLD PEOPLE WHO CANT EVEN TEXT! I mean these phones are super basic boring old school flip phones (ha remember when flip phones were cool!) I do not want these, I was really hoping to upgrade!)

ME: “Oh really, thats all? I was hoping to maybe get a slightly upgraded phone”

DVG: “Oh well then you have to get internet”

ME: “Ok well lets pretend I do get internet, is this (points to ENV TOUCH) a good phone, I mean is it quality? Do people like it? Is it durable? I work for Home Depot so I need a phone that can take a little wear and tear.”

DVG: “Sure.”

(really dude! Thats all your gonna give me?)

DVG: “But you know whats a cool phone…the Droid!”

(At this point he goes into a lengthy sales pitch on how bad ass the Droid is. Are you kidding me! I dont even want the internet! Why the hell would I need Verizons version of the Iphone!???)

ME: “Umm ok (your are obviously a dumb ass and I dont need to speak to you anymore) we will look around a bit, thanks.”

(so Mr. Gaunt and I spend a good 15 minutes looking over the phone, testing the camera and the internet. I call my mom and vent to her and try to get some advice. We discuss the money (after mail in rebate it would only be $50, but I have to put $175 upfront) and then I decide that what the hell, I’ve never had a cool phone, I should just do it.)

(We pull DVG back over and go for it.)

Front of my new phone. Touch screen, and cute red case.

Flips open with a full keyboard.

Back side with nice 3.2 Camera and flash.

I splurged ($19.99) and bought the nice red shell for it so it will be protected. Its going to take some getting use to but we both really love it (ha sounds like we got a puppy!) and I’m VERY pleased with the camera. The major reason I wanted the camera was so I could take pics for my blog when I didnt have my real camera on me. Also I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a “What I Ate Today” picture post once a week here, and being able to take pics on my camera would be very handy.

After we were done at Verizon we went to Chipotle and had burrito bowls…yum! Here’s my first camera phone pics!

Not perfect, but way better than my old phone!

Us at the library. My new phone matches my coat!

5 thoughts on “Im being forced to get hi-tech.

  1. dude, verizon are such douches, but they have good phones so they suck people in. I still have tmobile but I might get on aarons plan when mine is up. You can totally get an internet capable phone without internet, unless it is like a blackberrry or a droid (basically a smart phone). I have a behold and it is internet capable but I am not about to spend 30 extra bucks a month to have internet on my phone when I already pay to have it on my computer. I am not made of money here!

    • the guy said I ABSOLUTELY could not get it without, because I guess it kind of falls under the smart phone category, I dont know. And the only reason I did it was bacause its only $10 extra a month.

  2. Wait.. I’m confused… what is the phone you got called? The EnV? Didn’t he said you *had* to have internet for that? Or… did you get it without internet??

    I have verizon and I have a blackberry, and have had said blackberry for 2 years and I want to offload this thing soooo badly! It runs my life (in a bad way) and it costs me a fortune. I want a phone with NO INTERNET!

    Enlighten me about which option you chose!

    • No I did have to pay for internet, but its a slightly more basic internet so its only $10 a month. And I have the enV Touch, there is also a regular enV that doesnt have a front touch screen. So far I really like it.

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