I Hate New Years Gym Crowds!

I havent been to the gym since the New Year because I know it’s gonna be packed full of people pumping iron for their resolutions…ugg. I hate a crowded gym, well I hate any gym….ha!

I belong to 24 Hour Fitness but I never go because I am LAME and come up with THOUSANDS of excuses not to go. Recently they involve the gym being too crowded and me being too cold to go. Today’s main excuse is because I started my period and don’t wanna go workout, but I’m going to! I swear I really am! I need to lose 7 more pounds by the thirteenth and the weight isn’t falling off so I have ot go run it off! Ugg.

I’ve decided I need a little Gym motivation though, so tonight I’m going to make a 1 hour playlist on Mr. Gaunt’s ipod so I can just run until the playlist is over. Helps with time going by. Mr. Gaunt also can put movies on his ipod, so I might watch a movie too. The other BIG motivator this week is that the new season of Biggest Loser starts TOMORROW! Woop Woop! I love that they roll these season out back to back, its awesome! This season is couples, so it should be fun! Make sure you watch it!

I was talking to my friend Jason today and he mentioned how he is doing the BOLDER BOULDER this year. For those who don’t know the BOLDER BOULDER is a 10k race or walk through the heart of Boulder Colorado and CU stadium. I use to work in Boulder and once a year they would close some of the streets to do this race. I of course NEVER participated, but this year I think I might make it a little challenge! No I have no plans to run this, I am NOT a runner. I hate running in fact. Running does nothing but point out how out of shape I am, how crappy my lungs are, tight my calves, are and bouncy my boobs are. Running is lame! Although I would LOVE to be a runner, I really can’t see this ever happening. However I am more than content to walk (fast) with maybe a splash of jogging for this 10k. In case you’re like me and have never done any kind of “K” a 10k is about 6.2 miles….I can do that…maybe. So obviously I’m gonna do a bit of training on this one, no sense in killing myself by not being prepared!

The race is memorial day weekend, which is perfect for so many reasons!

1. Not too hot, not too cold.

2. The race is May 31st, one day after my brother’s birthday, so this weekend has always felt special.

3. I am hoping to have lost 100lbs by May 4th, so training for this will be PERFECT timing to kick my weight loss into overdrive.

4. I still have 21 weeks to get my ass in shape!

So I’m pretty stoked about this! And to really motivate myself I’m going to register Mr. Gaunt and I next pay-day, thats $84 for the two of us…I dont want to waste $84! I have also decided to add a little side bar thingy over there ———–> to track how long it takes me weekly to do a mile! Hopefully I can shave some time off every week!

Ok so thats about it. I’m going to hit the gym tonight and record my first mile on the treadmill!

6 thoughts on “I Hate New Years Gym Crowds!

  1. ha ha… when I belonged to a gym I felt the same way. I hate the month of January and the few weeks before when all the spring breaks start… ick.

  2. Want some more company for the Bolder Boulder? I will have been here in Boulder for 5 years and have never had anything to do with it…specifically because I HATE running. But I love walking and would love the company.

  3. Ugh hate crowded gyms. That is the main reason why I don’t go to a gym anymore. Every single one of them is super packed all the time and I can’t take it. I’d rather just work out at home.

  4. I work out at 24 too, so…if you moved here we could work out together? ha ha mine is actually never that crowded. I also HATE running, and so so wish I liked it. I can do the elliptical for an hour on resistance 13 but I can’t run at 5mph for ten minutes, wtf? Aaron makes me do those kinds of runs sometimes, he ran a half marathon last year, but I hate it the whole time and want to die. The only thing I actually ran the whole time was a 4k (like 3 miles), and although I slowed to a very slow jog I never walked. And I wanted to die. Ew. Okay, now with all this talk, I have to go work out. Legs today, wohoo

  5. morgan, you are looking so great. i use you for mental motivation all the time, i should print out a picture of you and put it on the elliptical while i work!

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