New Goals, Old Goals, Failed Goals.

Well In 9 1/2 hours I will have officially failed my first goal. I wanted to have lost 75 pounds by January 1st, we have failed. January 4th will put me at 8 months since I started this weight loss journey, 65lbs in 8 months. It should be more. I wish it was 80 lbs in 8 months, even 75 sounded superb. 65…meh…not what I would have liked.

The last two weeks were a struggle obviously with Christmas and what not. I did my absolute best to maintain (and I did) but losing was another story. When I made my 75lb goal I had three months to lose 25lbs, I lost about 20 of that. Thats not too bad, and congrats to me for losing twenty pounds over the Holidays! I’m just a little bummed that I’m not starting the new year where I wanted to. Not that this New Years isnt a million times better than last year, just not perfect.

Last year I was at least 65lbs heavier, and a hell of a lot unhappier. Last year I thought about making a weight loss resolution, but figured it was too silly and too much to take on. I figured it would be easier to just cut one unhealthy thing out of my life, and then maybe that would help me do more. Last years New Years Resolution was: To give up Pop/Soda. I succeeded! In the last year I bet I have had less than one cups worth of pop (I have probably had a sip or a splash in a cocktail). That is awesome because Pop is a totally WORTHLESS product and NO ONE should consume it! Drink water people! So its awesome that I made a plan and stuck to it! This years resolution is a little more complex. I have many goals and plans for the coming year that I decided to make a list.

GOALS and PLANS for 2010!

1. Hit 75lbs loss by January 16th (Im giving myself an additional 2 weeks to make this happen!)

2. Reveal my weight, measurements, size, etc once I hit 75lbs lost (this is scary stuff people)

3. Hit 80lbs lost by Valentines day! (For the Love of Skinny)

4. Hit 100lbs Lost by May 4th (my one year mark)

5. Cut and Dye my hair once I lose 100lbs! (It hasnt been cut since Fall of 2008)

6. Wear a size 9/10 (anytime this year is fine with me!)

7. Have a BMI of 24.9 or under! (I will have to weigh 160 or lower) some time this year.

8. Work out at least two days a week regularly.

Ok so thats about it for my BIG goals for 2010, Im sure Ill have smaller ones along the way. I also wanted to share Mr. Gaunt’s goals for 2010:

1. Be 245lbs (he is currently 252, thats 67lbs lost) by January 21st (three weeks)

2. Not eat at any fast food restaurant that serves Hamburgers (this leaves Subway, Chick-fil-a, Taco Bell, etc)

3. Be at 235 by May 4th.

4. Lose 100lbs by July 3rd (when we go to Washington on vacation)

Tonight we are going to our friends Jenny and Justin’s house to ring in the new year! Im going to wear a fun party dress, even though no one else will, because New Years is a time to celebrate! This is also the FOURTH New Years that I get to kiss Mr. Gaunt at midnight…sigh…I heart him.

Please share your New Years goals in the comments!

7 thoughts on “New Goals, Old Goals, Failed Goals.

  1. Too often my New Year’s Eve goals have been to quit something and there’s always been guilt involved with the thing I resolve to quit, so I was never successful. This year, I’ve decided my goals should be to do more of something that is good for me – like your WW goals. (Bravo BTW – you did a fabulous job! Did you ever imagine on 1/1/09 that you would be where you are now?)

    I resolve to:

    1. Do more journaling

    2. Find my voice artistically, by figuring out what I
    want to explore in jewelry.

    3. Be more confident about subbing.

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  3. I think last year’s resolution of giving up soda is a great idea. I might have to make that an unofficial resolution. 🙂 I gave up resolutions a long time ago, but this year I decided to go ahead and try again. My resolution is that I’d like to lose 75 pounds by my birthday (49 1/2 weeks). Sounds like a lot considering all the failures I’ve had in the past, but that’s no reason to fail again! Right? Right.

    And congrats on the 65 pounds! I know it’s not what you hoped for, but it’s still a lot of weight so you should definitely be proud. 🙂

    I have a question for you. What do you credit most for your success? Looking at your week by week stats you’ve obviously been extremely consistent with losing, which is impressive. How do you keep yourself going each week? I think consistency is my biggest problem. I know no one can make the decision but me, but I’m just curious what helped others make that decision and stick with it.

    Thanks! And happy new year!!

    • yeah, Im a big Iced Tea fan (not sweet tea) so it was pretty easy to give up soda. I just buy cases of bottled water, which I know is bad for the environment, but its so easy to grab and go so Im ok with it.

      As far as my consistent success I wont lie, Im not exactly sure why the weight keeps coming off. I know that this blog has helped me a lot, the more people who read this and want to know how Im doing keeps me motivated to want to succeed. Also every time I shrink out of a pair of pants I feel that much sure Ill soon wear the size I want to. The last thing that has helped me a LOT is that I pay to belong to Weight Watchers. Now I dont follow their plan exactly, but just that I have to go once a week and weigh in on their scale and get a little sticker put in my book really makes me stay on track. Its a little expensive, but $35 a month is worth it to me to drop 10+ pounds a month. Oh and lastly PICTURES! They are a GREAT motivator! I love ot read your blog, but you should take more pics!

      Ok enough rambling! Good Luck, and Happy New Year!

      • I know what you mean about the water bottles… I finally bought a reusable bottle a while ago so I could stop feeling bad, but truthfully I still stop at the gas station and grab a new bottle from time to time (this is partially because I find it really hard to drink water when it falls below a certain temperature).

        The WW thing was actually what made me think to ask you that question in the first place. Besides you and Pro, a few other bloggers I read regularly are doing WW and having great success. But, I’ve never done an official diet (WW, Jenny Craig, cabbage soup, fill in the blank… I always knew it came down to exercise and eating better, so I always viewed them as a rip off) so I think I’m a little nervous to give in. Plus, out here it’s about $50 a month not including registration fees, which I hadn’t realized till right now.

        Finally, I’m SO GLAD you mentioned pictures! I actually wanted a purse a while ago so I could start taking more pictures (I don’t carry a purse, so I never have a place to put my camera because it’s rather large, so I just never take it anywhere. Hence, no pictures), but then I forgot about it. Coincidentally I got one for Christmas, but by that time I couldn’t remember why I wanted it. Your comment just made me remember! So, thanks for that. 🙂 I really do want to start taking more pictures this year.

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