Christmas Wrap Up!

Its 6:30 and Mr. Gaunt and I have finished all our Christmas festivities and are now sitting our couch in our warm house with full bellies. So nice. Our Christmas was actually quite lovely!  Mr. Gaunt is an only child with very little family, so it was just three of us for Christmas, which is nice and low stress for everyone. We got lots of amazing gifts like This and This and This for Mr. Gaunt. And This and This and This for me! And This for us! Oh and lots more good stuff, we were truly spoiled..THANKS Ms. G! We got her some pretty cool stuff too. I even made her something that I forgot to take pictures of so I will have to stop by her house so I can show you.

Sort of a White Christmas


Ms. G opening gifts

Fashion Show!

Mr. Gaunt loves presents

For Christmas Eve dinner we had Quinoa stuffed Cornish Game Hens, a brocoli Cauliflower casserole and a Sweet Potato and Apple salad…yum! It was also awesome because most of the dishes were super low fat or from the Weight Watchers website! Ill probably post more later on individual recipes. We also went to the 11pm candlelight service at Mr. Gaunt’s church to see the choir sing on the songs, Im not religious, but it was very pretty.

A table set for Three


Christmas morning she made Weight Watchers Eggs Benedict with spinach…holy cow….sooo good! Then we opened stockings (more cool stuff) and headed out to see a movie (another family tradition). We went a saw The Road with Charlize Theron, it was sad and a little depressing, but pretty good. For dinner we decided we wanted Chinese, but settled on Thai food which is always good.

Eggs Benedict


Mr. Gaunt and I Christmas morning

overall it was a great Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wrap Up!

  1. That was the most wonderful, relaxed Xmas I’ve ever had… and I’m so glad you are part of our little family. I just looked in the frig and realized that I forgot to serve the light eggnog that I got for you – darn!

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