Etsy tips for my sister

Taking this:

Into this:

To do this go to (its free and you dont even have to register). Hit GET STARTED. -> Upload A Photo -> Hit Auto Fix!

If its still not perfect then go to EXPOSURE -> the move the Exposure over to about 10-15 (until the background is pretty white) then move the CONTRAST over to about 10-12 until the colors look rich. Hit OK.

Crop out any weird background showing.

Another Before:

And After:

Taking close VERY focused angles helps too. Set your camera to the EASY or MACRO setting. Make sure you have nice white light or natural light. Do NOT use flash! Get close to your item at a nice angle, tap gently on your SHOOT button until the item is nice and focused. Then click!

Great examples of a Close angled photo:

Put accessorries in the photo to show off what fits in it too!

Ok now a few tips I have learned about selling on ETSY:

-Pictures are the MOST important thing! Clear bright pics. White backgrounds. Both full shots and up close angle shots. If your item holds something (like a drivers license or credit card) show it in at least one of the pictures). Almost all photos need to be edited some. It takes a lot of time but its worth it. Good photos are what get you on the front page, and the front page gets you sales!

-List as many items as you can! 3-4 pages of items means theres more of you throughout the search engines.

-use ALL 14 TAGS that you are allowed! Soooo important for when people are searching for you, for example the following item could have these TAGS:







-Mothers day

-Stocking stuffer






-Money holder






-You also must have a Banner! You can make your own in photoshop or paint, or you can purchase one from another etsy seller like this. You can also temporarily use one of Etsy’s free ones here. Great article about banners on Etsy here.

-Make sure you have your shop policies filled out. Read mine. Also fill out your shop announcement (again read mine).

-Last but not lease search sellers that are doing well but selling a simmilar product to yours. What are they doing different, learn from the best!

2 thoughts on “Etsy tips for my sister

  1. Wonderful instructions – I bookmarked this page for when I might need it also. How cool that your sister is getting the Etsy bug too!

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