Shorts are the Devil!

I think the last time I wore shorts was in 2001 at my family’s beach cabin. I remember getting the pictures back from that trip and thinking “oh my god I will NEVER wear shorts again!” This is true, because I have not worn shorts since then, almost 10 years ago! There are many things about my body shape that Im pleased with: medium size boobs, a smaller waist, hips, a little bit of an ass. And then there are things I dont like: LEGS LEGS LEGS! Yes I hate my legs! They are chubby and dimpled and pale! eeew! Im pretty sure no amount of weight loss will ever make them pretty. In the summer I sport mostly capris, or jeans rolled up or skirts. No shorts!

To be honest, I dont even hate the look of shorts. Some people look adorable in shorts! I’m even a fan of the really short shorts and high heal look! But for me…nope!

Last night I was at the mall finishing up some christmas shopping and stopped in at the GAP where they had some old summer clearance they were selling for 97 cents! One item included girls boxer shorts. I bought them without trying them on. They are kinda cute and pink and nice to sleep in. I took pictures of myself this morning (because I dont trust mirrors) and I have to say, although my legs are still ugly as sin, things are looking a little better. I though I would do a little comparison shot for you. The first pic (for dramatic effect) is from June about 12 pounds lost. The second is from this morning at 60+ pounds lost (no makeup and crazy hair!) Enjoy!

Im really hoping by summer that I will be thin enough (and tan enough) to maybe rock a pair of shorts. We will see!

5 thoughts on “Shorts are the Devil!

  1. Dude, I hate shorts with a fiery passion. Remember when Dann used to say “shorts are the devils underwear?” so true! When it’s hot I refuse shorts for multiple reasons. 1) If your thighs touch (which all normal non-anorexic peoples do) then they bunch up when you walk and you are constantly pulling them out of your crotch 2) Also because of the thigh touching, crazy horrible chafing! Sweat+thighs rubbing=intense pain. and 3) When you sit down and your thighs expand, it looks like two hams stuffed in a tube. I hate shorts! I only wear comfy shorts around the house. I will give you mad props if you can form a healthy relationship with shorts. The end.

  2. So sorry about the leg thing honey. Unfortunately I passed on the difficult leg situation. I hate shorts too, except big man shorts which I will occasionally sport even though they are still unattractive. The boxers actually look pretty cute.

  3. Girl you are looking so good!!! Keep up the awesome progress!! I think yer legs look fine. But if you are that concerned I would recommend that if you aren’t already, add in strenght training to your workout. Squats, lunges, calf dips, leg extensions, curls, abductor and adductor excercizes will all help to shape and tone your legs.

  4. I also hate shorts. Every year I buy 1 pair and attempt to wear them & ugh it never happens. It’s not so much my legs that I don’t like but my legs + shorts just don’t seem to mix.

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