I love Dinosaurs!

Last weekend we went to Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science with Mr. Gaunt’s mom and our friends Jenny and Justin and their 10 month old Liam. I’m usually not a huge museum fan, but the animals in this one were amazing. I guess its kinda sad that they are all dead, but they say they died from natural causes. We were there for a good few hours just wandering around. I left my camera at home so I used Mr. Gaunt’s mom’s camera, but I couldnt quite figure out how the low light setting worked so unfortunately most of the pictures were too blurry to use. I pulled the best ones to show you though.

One thought on “I love Dinosaurs!

  1. Can I just say that J looks so MAJESTIC next to his brother wolves? I’m just sayin…I wish he was wearing a wolves/moon shirt. Would have been perfect.

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