14 Degrees and Soup!

It is soooo cold out right now. 14 degrees to be exact. We got a bit of snow but nothing much. Im soooo glad its Thursday and that tomorrow is payday! YAY! Mr. Gaunt and I have plans to get our tree tomorrow night and go see A Christmas Carol 3D, Im pretty excited, never seen a movie in 3D before. Saturday were gonna go to the museum with a friend and then Sunday hopefully I can do a bit of Christmas shopping. We are by no means going crazy this year with gifts, so I really dont have much to do.

Today I came home a little early and had great plans to make a Thai Coconut Shrimp soup recipe that I had copied out of a book weeks ago. Of course when I got home I couldnt find the recipe anywhere…grr! So I looked up a few online and finally ended up just dumping a bunch of stuff into a pot and praying it was yummy.

Mr. Gaunt liked it a lot, and I thought it wasnt too bad. I wish I had had more vegetables to put in but I didnt.  The basic jist of it is:

1 can of light coconut milk

1 can of broth

2 cups shrimp

1 Green Pepper

1 Red Pepper

1/2 an onion

Cooked Brown Rice

Peanut Sauce

Chilli Flakes

Garlic salt

fish sauce.

Dump all into a pot and simmer. Yup thats pretty much it. I would not follow that recipe to a T by any means, google a good one and go off that, but it goes to show that you can make soup from pretty much anything. And its not too bad for you either!

7 thoughts on “14 Degrees and Soup!

  1. Wow that soup looks really yummy. I have a can of broth and a can of coconut milk that have been sitting in my cabinet for a few weeks.

    I am soooo going to make this tonight. Thanks for the recipe.

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