I Guess Thanksgiving was Hard on Everyone

So I sucked it up and went to my meeting. I definitely had to restrict myself this weekend after my gluttonous week! The day after Thanksgiving my weight was up 3lbs from two weeks ago! Anyways things worked out pretty well, but first let me tell you in my meeting of FOURTEEN people as a group we lost a TOTAL of FIVE POUNDS! Yeah that is baaaaaaad. I personally lost….


Not too shaby! I lost almost half the weight of the whole group! Ha! But in better news that put me at 61 total! YAY 60 POUNDS LOST!

Now I have to lose 14lbs (on the WW scale) and 10.5 (naked on my scale) for the month of december to hit my 75lbs lost by January 1st. I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN!

11 thoughts on “I Guess Thanksgiving was Hard on Everyone

  1. Congrats! I’m SO nervous about weigh in this week – especially after my .4 MF’ing GAIN last week. Eeek. Nice work though…kicking this holiday season, one EAT-FEST at a time.

  2. Dear god Morgan. You are my HERO. HHHEEEERRRROOOO!!!

    HOW DO YOU DO IT? like seriously. you seem to consistently lost about 2 pounds per week! PER WEEK! ah! you are absolutely amazing.

    I go to that damn gym about four times a week and watch what i eat and am sooo slow to lose weight! you must have a secret… WHAT IS IT?! PLEASE SHARE!

    you are inspirational! keep up the AMAZING work.

  3. I’m up 2 lbs from this time last week, but it could be worse – my mom is up 5… Although she’s a thin one to begin with so grrr to her.
    I didn’t even think I was *that* bad this Thanksgiving, which is true if I compare it to my eating habits from years past, but still, obviously my self control was not exemplary! You’re right, I think Thanksgiving was hard on everyone in the weight loss game, but at least it may warn us off the inevitable fudge and gingerbread houses which are surely en route as we speak…

    • yeah I can NOT let the fudge and cookies to get me! MUST STAY STRONG! and if anything Im gonna blow my weight on alcohol! Hello spiked eggnog!

    • yeah I always cut it 1/2 with fat free milk, and I buy the light kind. Its definatley not something I feel the need to drink any other time in the year, but I enjoy a glass once a year. Reminds me of my mom.

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