The Biggest Loser WHAT WHAT!

I so heart The Biggest Loser! I missed two episodes (one being the “where are they now” episode)  so I watched them today, and my lord is that show so so so inspiring! I guess the one thing I struggle with is the working out. 6 months later and 60lbs lost and I STILL have not gotten into a workout routine. Pro who has done this with me the whole time made a comment a few weeks ago “I cant believe you have lost so much weight without really working out!” And I know! Its kind of absurd. Obviously my eating was shit before so just changing my diet has been enough to drop weight, but I want to be physically fit! I look at the Losers from seasons past and they are all so strong and muscular and most of them are now working in the physicall fitness field. Me…nope. I want to be stronger and I want to be able to run, but I suck at it. I dont even really try to put in effort. I fail.

At first I felt like my weight was what was holding me back from working out, thinking if I lost weight working out would be easier. It isnt. It’s just one of those things, like laundry, and money, that I just lack motivation to get done. Ugg.

Im suppose to go to weigh in on Monday night, I would love to minimum lose enough to actually it my 60lbs, but would lov for it to be a little more. Mr. Gaunt rented the new Wii Fit Plus for us to try out (this one will actually tell you how many calories you burn) so maybe I can get back into that. My scale uts me about 11 pounds away from my January 1st goal of losing 75lbs, and I would love love love to see that goal reached on my scale for the new year. I feel like I can make it happen, even if Weight Watchers scale doesnt quite show it. 75lbs lost in 8 months will still be an amazing amount! 100lbs in a year will be even better. I just need to stay focused. I talked to Mr. Gaunt’s mom today about food on Christmas and we both agreed that we will do all healthy stuff for christmas and NO baking! Ha! O enough rambling. I  need to go wash all my dishes!

One thought on “The Biggest Loser WHAT WHAT!

  1. Thanks to surgery I have not worked out in two months! But I joined the gym and am back in the swing of things. The funny thing is that even though I can still run a decent amount I can barely do 10 proper crunches without losing my breath! SO it is not going to be easy and it will take work but the only way for it to be easier is to do it..

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