Oh yeah, Im losing weight.

I hate to say it, but things got a little off track this week. Thanksgiving and Mr. Gaunt’s Birthday involved many big yummy meals. I skipped last weeks weigh in, and then I lost about 2 pounds, but after Thanksgiving I gained it back. Today Im about the same as I was two weeks ago. Im annoyed with myself, my self control, or lack there of. Im annoyed that Im letting the stupid Holidays be what everyone says they are…a time to get fat! Im pissed that I might not make my goal by January 1st. Im being too lazy to work out, too stressed over other shit to put my weight loss first.

Theres nothing I can do about the choices I made this week, but I can tell you that the next 4 weeks will NOT have a negative affect on my weight. Christmas can bite me!


-Remove all leftovers, desserts and bad carbs from this house.

-Drink water…LOTS of water

-Go to weigh in by Wednesday at the latest (if Im not feeling ok with my weight by monday night)

-Eat more fruit (I hate winter!)

-No eating after 6pm (I go to bed at 9:30)

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