Thanksgiving Part 2: Food!

Umm this needs no introduction, just a mess of yummy food that was eaten!


Making a low fat cheese, brocolli, cauliflower casserol!

Recipe for this was posted on my Thanksgiving Veggies post I replaced all cheese and butter with low fat.

Finished product


Shrimp Appi!

Becuase you need to eat before you eat.

Smoked Salmon Asparagus and chickpeas! Recipe also on the Thanksgving Veggie Post, I jsut replaced the regular Salmon with smoked.

Chilled and ready.

HOW GROSS! Boiled neck!

The Main event!

All done!

The table is set




yup, ate that.

Birthday cake for Mr. Gaunt. I made a Weight Watchers Pumpkin Pie too but forgot to take a picture!





4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Part 2: Food!

  1. Thanks for the fabulous pictures of our great feast – and I’m glad you got a pretty picture of the table before things got all moved around. It was great being able to spend the day and cook together!

  2. BTW – your pie was the best! I really liked all the spice you used in it… and of course, it’s all gone now. It’s healthy – right?

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