Thanksgiving Part 1: Family, Friends, and Fun!

Well I took a million pictures on thanksgiving because there was just sooo much going on! First off Tomorrow (the 28th) is Mr. Guant’s 29th Birthday, and since its so close to Thanksgiving (and thats the day his mom went into labor!) he usually celebrates most of his birthday on the holiday.

Mr. Gaunt has a pretty small family, no cousins or siblings (yes is is spoiled rotten) so family gathering usually just consist of his Mom and I. I assumed Thanksgiving would be that way, but it quickly turned into quite the gathering with multiple friends coming over including his god parents and god siblings! So it was pretty fun.

Im saving the next post to focus on food so this one is just about birthday and the rest of the non-eating events!


Trying to guess his presents...soooo anoying!

A new Broncos ornament from his mom!

A big Ass Birthday card from his aunt Judy.

un-wrapping a new Rockies jacket

A New ipod!

Gifts for me too!

A "new to me" Brooch from J's mom. I love it!


Me Cooking

Mr. Gaunt was in charge of dishes.

Mr. Gaunt and his mom being "Proper"


Carving the bird

Making gravy! My favorite part.

Ready to eat!

Pretty table

A kitchen full of food

Watching football after dinner.

He had to change into this after dinner.

Happy Birthday Mr. Gaunt!



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Part 1: Family, Friends, and Fun!

  1. Pics are awesome…of course, happy birthday to Mr. Gaunt (early).
    …but I gotta say, your BLUE SWEATER stole the show, lady! You look fab. We all know how much I love blue on you…

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