uhg! Last night we celebrated Mr. Gaunt’s birthday a week early by going to Texas De Brazil for dinner. It’s an amazing restaurant that has the most to die for salad bar (think fancy cheese, Lobster bisque soup, gourmet olives, the works!) but I ate waaay too much. More than I have eaten in forever (hey you pay $50 you wanna get your moneys worth!) anyways it was a baaaaaaaaad idea. I went home feeling so ungodly uncomfortable that I felt nausea and dizzy with mild heart burn! I was laying in bed moaning thinking I was gonna die (like you do the first time you drink way too much) gross. This morning wasnt much better, I felt totally hung over. Lesson learned. I no longer can fill my tummy to its breaking point. This is a good thing. I missed weigh in this week, like I was gonna weigh in after that meal! Ha! So hopefully things will go well this week, we’ll see.

Oh and go over and wish my lovely Pro CONGRATS on fitting into her skinny jeans! YOU ARE AMAZING! LOVE YOU!

3 thoughts on “DRUNK with FOOD

  1. Morgan! I know exactly what you mean! I went to a pre Thanksgiving dinner last night, and ate WAY WAY WAY too much and just about died! My stomach was SO full and it just WAS NOT worth it! I know it’ll be bad news on the scale tomorrow, too! Lesson learned!

    Good thing we learned our lesson before Thursday so we don’t make the same mistake!

  2. …but it was soooo worth it!

    Okay not entirely worth it. But it was, in fact, delicious. PS – thanks for the shout out on the skinny jeans…pretty stoked. I’m glad we went out to dinner HOWEVER, we shall not be doing that again for a long, long while.

    Love you. Happy (early) Turkey Day.


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