The difference 33 pounds makes!

While searching through some old pics the other day I ran across these full body shots I took the day I left for Washington in July. I remember taking these pics and feeling really good about myself. Today I look and these and think…meh…not so nice. I had lost 27 pounds at this time, 7 pounds more than my 20lb goal by the time I left for WA. It was my first goal and I was sooo proud of myself. Today at 60lbs lost I am over the moon! I know that 75 and 100 pounds will feel just as amazing!

So here yah go, the difference of 33lbs:


July 20th 2009 - 27lbs lost.

November 22nd 2009 - 60lbs lost



4 thoughts on “The difference 33 pounds makes!

  1. You have remained proud of yourself at every stage of this journey and I think that is the key to your success. The change in your appearance is amazing!! YEA!

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