Birthday Outfit Shopping!

Mr. Gaunt’s birthday is the 28th of this month, he’s going to be 29! Woohoo the last year in his twenties! Anyways we havent decided what we are actually doing on his birthday, but tomorrow we are going out to dinner with Pro and her boyfriend Jaques (whoes birthday was this past week) and we needed new outfits! Ha! I always need a new outfit! Mr. Gaunt though is down to 250lb (he started at about 312) and his once 46″ pants are long gone and 38″ pants are in! Im so proud of him he just looks so freaking fantastic!

We watched yesterday’s Oprah with Tim Gunn (the love of my life) on how men should dress, which I think inspired Mr. Gaunt to ditch the oversized grubby duds with some nice fitting stylish ones. So because we are always thrifty we hit up Target and Burlington Coat Factory (which we just discovered, million of jeans all $14-$25!) here’s what we got:


The shirt was purchased, the hat was just for show. Yes I know he is darn adorable!

I bought him this as an early birthday gift. Ignore the frown he really does love it.

New 7 jeans! He got two other pairs that fit nicely.

Interesting, but not the one.

would have been cute in two sizes smaller.

We have a winner! super fun and cute, please ignore the fact that it looks like Im picking a wedgie. Oh and it was only $10!



4 thoughts on “Birthday Outfit Shopping!

  1. I can’t believe I’m seeing my son in a cowboy shirt – and I love the sweater, J! I would have had a hard picking which of those dresses looked the best but I love the one your chose.

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