Hula where are all your toys?

Hula loses pretty much every toy she has ever received. I had no idea where they go. seriously she will have them for an hour and then they are gone. Today during my deep cleaning of the kitchen I found them.

hula 4

The scary view when you move your stove!

hula 3

Like 10 toys! And a million more dust bunnies!

hula 2

Some very dirty toys

hula 1

That is one very happy cat.

2 thoughts on “Hula where are all your toys?

  1. hahaha! My kitties (one decided to lay on my chest as i try to write this) lose their toys alllll the time. Im pretty sure there are 20 missing in my apartment, including 3 cute sushi ones. Maybe i should check under the stove.

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