Almost 60 baby!

Weigh in went splendid! Except that I was starving (oh come on like you dont hold off eating until after your weigh-ins!) and its “Holiday Talk” time so all we did was talk about Holiday food traditions…drool. Anyways I felt like I had a pretty good week, but it was nice to step on the scale and see…


Holla! That puts me 57.8 lbs lost! That my friend is most definitely 60lbs naked! Im very pleased with this.

In other news I really think I might wanna do the Denver Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. Its a 4 mile walk at 10:30 am and I think it would be the perfect pre-meal activity so I dont feel bad about all the yummy food I will be having! Who else wants to do this with me?

Picture 2




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