Sunday Groceries

Groceries upon groceries were purchased today. We tried out Sprouts and my overall opinion is that its EXACTLY like Sunflower Market, only its 20 minutes form my house unlike SFM which is 5 minutes. Lots of yummy favorites for making soups and stir fry and salads. Lots of veggies, lots of fruit. Some new things too! Just some pictures of what we got (many new recipes will be posted this week, I promise):

This will be going in a Coconut Shrimp Thai soup

This will be going in a Thai Coconut Shrimp soup

fish sauce

I have a few recipes that call for this, we'll see.


BEST fish breading!


.5 grams of fat, 110 calories, 8 grams of fiber for one Pita! HOLY COW!!!!!

pomegran wafles

Pomegranate Frozen Waffles on sale for 99 cents!


Extra Lean Turkey, only 4 grams of fat.

pop chips

The perfect chip fix.




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