Babies, Dresses, Cake…Oh My!

Just wanted to share some pics from my weekend. Friday night Mr. Gaunt and paid bills and organized our finances, then we went down to the Castle ROck outlet mall to hunt for some long sleeve shirts. We made a little stop at Banana Republic Outlet where I tried on some of their clearance summer dresses. It was kind of exciting because I kind of wear a smaller size now (please note slight tummy bulge that would prevent me from actually buying any of these dresses) Im really excited for the next 20lbs to come off!

yellow dress

salmon dress

Yesterday Pro and I went to a friends baby shower (yes we are at that age where EVERYONE is getting married and having babies) which was fun, I made a little rain mobile and we got to color and baby onesies and eat yummy Pumpkin spice cake that Pro made! A good time had by all!

Pro and her Onsie

baby shower 2

Me and my Onsie

baby shower 5

baby shower 6

Today Mr. Gaunt and I are gonna do some cleaning and then look through some cook books and then go grocery shopping. Im excited because were gonna hit up Sprouts which is kind of a discount organic food store that suppose to be amazing! Ill let you know how it goes. Oh and I leave you with pics of my baby mobile:

mobil 2

mobil 4

mobil 1




14 thoughts on “Babies, Dresses, Cake…Oh My!

  1. Oh, they have Sprouts in Arizona, we went there when we visited Sky. It’s hippie town for sure, I think It’s kinda like Trader Joes. Those dresses are rediculously cute, I hope you got them to wear next spring. It was good talking to you the other day!

    • Thanks! I loved the yellow one but it was still $35 on clearance so I passed. But I do have a few thins Im saving to fit into for next summer. It was really good talking to you too! A regular thing it should become.

  2. Morgan you look amazing! And those dresses are cute! And I love the baby onesies! And the mobile is cute. You made it? Btw where did you get that blue sweater you are wearing? So cute! Are you doing weight watchers?

    • The blue sweater is from Value Village actually! And yes I have been doing Weight Watchers for the last 6 months and have lost 55lbs.

  3. I love the fact that you take a camera to the dressing room with you. Such a great idea. I don’t know how many times I’ve bought something and thought it looked OK in the dressing room, then when I catch a glimpse of myself later or see myself in a picture wearing it… suddenly, it’s banished to the back of my closet where it’s only worn on days I’m desperate (e.g., forgot to do laundry).

    That pumpkin spice cake looks delish… Curious, is that remotely healthy? Something that tasty looking can’t be low in calories, too, can it? (“Doth my eyes deceive me…?” said in a very haughty voice seems appropriate right now, for some reason) =D

    Love your onesies and mobile! Very cute!

    • YES! I think mirrors lie! Remember in Clueless when Cher only takes polaroids of her outfits and doesnt look in mirrors, thats me! And I have noticed that fitting rooms have GREAT lighting, both flattering and good for pictures, and a mirror makes it ten times easier to take full body shots!

      The cake was not healthy…ha! (pro can you verify, you made it?)

  4. Morgan…I actually really love the coral-colored dress on you – so HOT!

    And in response to Frannie’s question about the pumpkin spice cake – it wasn’t even REMOTELY good for you. Everything in it was full fat, white sugar, a stick and a half of butter…but oh it was sooo good!

    Let me know about this weekend – Mr. Gaunt is possibly going down to New Mexico, eh? ProMo weekend or what?

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  6. Yay! Look mom! My name is on the internet! lol I love that I’m mentioned in both yours and Pros blogs. I also had to mention how much Josh and I love love love that mobile you made! It’s perfect for the babies room! Once we get some furniture and I can hang that up, I’ll post pics.

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