Well it’s the start of a new month so I thought Id make some goals and then follow-up with them at the end of the month (Ive seen other bloggers do this and I like it). Anyways October went pretty well with a total of about 8.2lbs, not quite the 10lbs I was shooting for but not bad. Im down to an average of 2 lbs a week which is good and bad, good because its the healthy amount and it means if I reach my goal and dont go past a 2lb average then I could apply to be a WW *results not typical* success story. Bad because I was at a good 2.5 through August but things have slowed down a bit. I still have 19lbs to lose by January 1st so finger crossed that the next two months (and two holidays) dont get the best of me.

Speaking of Holidays I will be posting a holiday recipe at the bottom of each blog post from now through the new year incase your looking for inspiration. Im really excited to do healthy holiday cooking this year and to not over indulge. I will also be doing a follow-up TIPS ON EATING: LUNCH and SNACK this week so stay tuned!

Ok onto the goals!

GOAL ONE: lose between 8-10lbs for November

GOAL TWO: Limit carbs as snacks

GOAL THREE: Get in bed by 9:30 so I have more time in the morning for breakfast and ME time

GOAL FOUR: Scrapbook (I want to finish our last years scrapbook so I can start on this years)

GOAL FIVE: Do FREE outdoor weekend activities (working out and Saving money!)

GOAL SIX: Get back to the pool and do at least 3 days a week

Ok thats about it for now. I leave you with pics from fish taco night and pics of me in my red GAP Peacoat that hasnt fit in 5 years! Woohoo!

taco 2

taco 3


red coat



low-fat pumpkin bread with walnuts


3 thoughts on “NOVEMBER GOALS

  1. I’ve been considering new goals too…pretty sure this convinced me to actually do it.
    The coat looks great – I’m jealous. Makes me REALLY want that ON one…
    Also, did you change your hair? It looks really light in the pic. I like it…just looks different.
    Is it weird that I miss you?

    ~ Pro

  2. Hey Morg! Have I seen that coat? Did you have it in HS? It’s super cute.

    I have a question… later this week when you address snacks and lunch, can you also talk about timing your meals and how you do that. Do you eat on a set schedule? And can you talk about what you eat in the AM vs. PM, like do you eat less carbs as the day goes on? Only veggies in the PM?

    Thanks so much! POST MORE PICTURES – you look great!!!

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