Well its the last day of October…umm I guess fall is pretty much over.

I wont lie, I missed my weigh in today (booo me) Im kinda mad about it, but oh well. I actually WANTED to go but we spent the night at a friend’s house last night and didnt get home till noon so I missed it. This is a bummer. If I had to guess I would say I had lost at least 1.5-2lbs. We will have an official number on Monday at 5m. I was really hoping to have hit 55lbs lost because that would put me on perfect track for my 75lbs by January 1st, alas that didnt happen. So basically I now need to loose 2.5lbs a week. This is probably not going to happen. Its just too much to consistently loose in a healthy manner (I now those biggest loser bitches lose like 5lbs a week but I dont have Bob and Jillian!) Plus after already losing 50lbs my weight loss has slowed down a fair amount, which is common the closer you get to a healthy weight. Anyways here is a pic of my Halloween costume from last night:

Julia Childs




Meryl Streep as Julia Childs in "Julie and Julia"

Julia Child

The real Julia Childs





2 thoughts on “OCTOBER 31st

  1. OMG, how FREAKIN cute are YOU?!
    That is such an awesome Holloween costume! I wish I were in CO.. yours and Pros costumes are awesome, people here are all whores and skanks and would probably make Julia Child into a porn star. 😦

    Congrats on all the weight loss, you are looking quite awesome! And hope everything else is awesome too!

    I moved over a new blog from blogspot to this thing.. … wordpress! And I’m linking you on my main page, if you don’t want me to- let me know so I can remove you! 🙂

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