New Pants, New Shirts

Umm It’s still snowing. Yup we are going on two days of non stop snow. I skipped work today because my car was plowed in. Anyways Mr. Gaunt and I left the house for a short while (dont worry the roads are pretty clear) to get some last-minute Halloween costume pieces and to hit up Goodwill to see if we can find some long sleeve shirts (all of mine are too big) and maybe some snow boots. Anyways the boots were a bust but I got some shirts! Oh and today I wore a size smaller in pants! These are pants Kelli gave me, and they fit now, yay yay yay! I never even wore this size in highschool! Im actually looking forward to weigh in on Saturday.


Hula and I all warm in the house



New sweater $2.99



Side view...hmm does my butt look rounder?


Green Shirt $3.99


Mr. Gaunt Sweeping off my trunk


Me trying to unbury my drivers door!

6 thoughts on “New Pants, New Shirts

  1. Yay! The pants and the shirts look great! I love that color green. And I think I’m FINALLY FINALLY into a smaller pants size too… seeing as how today I woke up and put on 3 pairs of pants (I just got them last fall) and pulled them all off, without unbuttoning them… wish me luck as I hunt for some new ones! I’d offer to send you these ones, but you probably would be too small for them by the time they got there… let me know though and I can put them in the mail. Two pairs ON one pair GAP. Size same as the other ones I gave you.HEHE i’m discreet.

  2. PS- Your butt does look rounder and your waste looks TINY!! You and I are complete opposites in shape. Me = flat butt, spare tire. Ha.

  3. Morgan you are looking fantastic! One thing to say: little in the middle but ya got much back! And it IS indeed looking rounder. I love the green shirt on you – looking fab, darling.

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