“You’re Young, You’ll Bounce Back”

My mom has said this to me in the past, when I first started loosing weight. I suppose you’re wondering “What will bounce back?” Well people Im talking about skin…yup…your epidermis is showing (remember that joke?) Anyways this is something I have thought about and been aware of since I started loosing weight but didnt really talk about because who am I to complain about something that may not happen, or a little something bad that comes with something oh so good.

Oh yeah, Im talking about loose skin. Yup when you fill a balloon full of air, and let it sit blown up for a long time, by the time it deflates on its own it’s a shriveled piece of rubber. That happens with fat too. Cute huh!

I have heard many other bloggers talking about loose skin, some who already lost the weight and HAVE the loose skin, and some that are in the process and are worried about it. Yup it comes with the territory of loosing 50+ pounds, and I dont care what my mom says, just because Im young doesnt really mean “Ill bounce back.”

My little sister lost a fair amount of weight when she was like 14 (I think around 75lbs) and her skin on her stomach did the loose thing. People who get surgery to lose weight often have major excess skin because of how quickly they lost it. Now Im not loosing it quite as fast as them, but I am on the 100lbs in a year plan, which is pretty damn fast.

In the early stages of my weight loss I obviously didnt really notice my skin changing, but now at almost 55lbs lost I feel it….everywhere. Mostly my stomach (which has gotten the smallest) where I can kind of pull the skin at each side of my torso, not too cute. Or if Im in the bathroom sitting down I can feel it on my hips (or saddle bags?) where things are less perky. Boobs seem to be staying put but they havent really gone down in size. Oh and the WORST one is my under arms, yup I pretty sure they are a lost cause, they will forever be chicken wings, oh well.

Anyways Im not really bitching, just something I have noticed in the last few weeks. I am HAPPY to take loose skin for fat filled skin! This is just my weight loss blog so I thought I should share this…er…side affect?

Anyways here are some blog posts (from some of my fave weight loss blogs) about people dealing with this issue:

-Lost 115lbs

-Lost 180lbs

-Lost 65lbs

-Lost 80lbs

-Lost 170lbs

-Lost 100 (and had a tummy tuck)



His skin is cute.



8 thoughts on ““You’re Young, You’ll Bounce Back”

  1. I’m about to write a novel. Here I go…

    About skin:

    Do you know that it NEVER occurred to me that fat DOESNT distribute itself evenly over ones body? I’m such an idiot! One day in the shower, I was looking at my hips, and my right hip has this pooch of fat that my left hip does not! And my eyes got real wide and I realize that fat cells don’t necessarily distribute or grow evenly, even though our bodies are mostly symmetrical. So, even though I’ve lost weight in most places, this pooch of fat remains on my right hip… and I can see it bulge out of my work out pants and it SUCKS! And as for skin, I think the only thing we can do is exercise and tone. Build lean muscle to help shape that extra skin. Also drinking a lot of water is supposed to help some. And I’m not sure about lotions, but there are “firming” lotions out there, I’m trying an all natural/tanning one… we’ll see if it works at all.

    My main concern is STRETCH MARKS! You know what I say about this – FUCK STRETCH MARKS! It’s like every single mistake I have made in my life and everything I USED to be is etched into my skin FOREVER. This should be an art project or something. I HATE IT. They are embarrassing and make me not want to be seen naked and no matter how much more weight I lose, these marks will be there forever. Granted they get lighter, but still. SCREW THAT.

    And finally, about meal planning…
    Can you PUHLEASE post about the foods your eating because you seem to have that mastered. Do you have a Daily Plate or Sparkpeople account where you log what you eat? Could you pretty please give me some ideas and some help. How often you eat? What you eat? Do you eat certain things at certain times… like fiber in the AM, veggies in the PM? I’m lost and I’m plateauing and I need some serious help and inspiration… and you seem to have it mastered!

    Thanks my friend! Keep up the great work!


      Yes stretch marks suck! I dont have any red or even pink ones, they are just clear or white or whatever, but I can still see them! Grrr! Oh well, JJ doesnt care so I dont care, and who else needs to see me naked besides the two of us?

      Food Planning: YES! I can totally post a few mock-up menus for my day (like the ones I do often) and I also maybe can do a week where I log everything I eat here. I know the food thing is hard, and I do feel thankful that I kind of have it down (not that I dont fuck up every now and then) Its the working out that I suck at! But yes I will give you all my info on food soon!


  2. Thank you so much! I really need help planning when to eat and what to eat for maximum benefit. I also asked Pro for help (via her blog) on spicing up my workouts because she seems to have that down – my weight loss has come to a halt. I need an overhaul STAT!

  3. That is something that had never occured to me! And I don’t like it one bit! I lost 75lbs over a 2.5 year perioud from 23-25. I got my weight down to around 185 and never noticed any loose skin. But now that you mention the chicken wings & excess mid-section skin… hhhmmm? No, no, no, NO! I refuse. I’m gonna bookmark this post & read it everyday to remind myself to work that much harder at firming up the underlying muscle and hope that does the trick for me.

    And I would love to see your meal planners. I generally think I’m doing ok, but every little bit helps. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you posted about this, especially posting all of those other blogs that talk about it as well. Like many people it’s something I worry about happening eventually, though I always wonder how much weight I would have to lose before I’d start to notice.

    In totally inappropriate news, I’m glad to hear about your boobs, too. =D Not because I think about your boobs, of course, but just because I like my chest, thankyouverymuch, and I think I’d be so sad if I lost those babies as part of my weight loss. I can deal with a minor loss so they stay proportional, but I’m not ready to completely let go.

    I have to say, though, I do hope your mom is right and the skin just bounces back! Though, I did just get a little inspiration to get back on the cardio and weight lifting wagon, just in case.

  5. Looking at the pix on the blogs you posted, I don’t think your balloon was blown up quite as much as theirs, so maybe you’ll avoid that end result.

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