Thats Not Even a Pound!

Weigh in SUCKED this week. Booo. Wanna know how bad…


yup you read that right, I lost .6 of a pound. Lame.

That is not what I need to hit 75lbs lost by January 1st…no sir!

Anyways Im over it. I can blab about how much harder I need to work this week, and I really hope I do, but blabbing isnt seeing results. I probably ate too many carbs this week, a lot of rice and bread. Ugg. Tomorrow I plan on going grocery shopping so hopefully things get better. I cant beat myself up over it, I will just have to push on.

Im blamming these for my shitty loss too….DAMN YOU O.G. BREADSTICKS!


3 thoughts on “Thats Not Even a Pound!

  1. 0.6lb of weight loss is not that bad!!
    At least you are losing, not gaining 🙂 I am probably (well, definitely :P) not working as hard as you are, because I only lose 0.4lb – a pound every week. Well, last week I gained a bit. Anyway, YOU are doing a good job staying healthy!! Don’t let the number let you down. Just keep going…

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