Fall day in the Graveyard

Mr. Gaunt, his mom and I went to Fairmount Mortuary today to bring flowers to his grandpa who passed away last winter. I had been wanting to go for a while so I could take pictures of the gravestones. It was a perfect fall day…

grave 1

grave 2

grave 3

grave 4

grave 5

grave 7

grave 6

grave 8

grave 9

grave 10

grave 11

I have a million more, but just chose a few to show you. I played around a lot with the colors just for fun. You can do this too for free with Picnik.com.

4 thoughts on “Fall day in the Graveyard

  1. Many years ago I could be found practically every weekend in a small town cemetery with my best friends – we’re now scattered like the Fall leaves to every corner of the country…but when I see scenes like these I am transported back in time to when life was easy to figure out and opportunity was at hand….and I am back with my friends and we are laughing…

    Thanks for providing the time machine !

  2. You’ve become quite the little photographer, Mo! I love these pics…the one with the doll…on a grave from 1882 – random? No, awesome (with maybe a hint of creepy – dolls *shudder*). I love the one with the bright orange leaves…and the one with you in the foreground and Mr. Gaunt behind you. LOVES IT. Loves you.

    ~ Pro

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