Grocery Shopping Love

In case you havent noticed a good 25% of this blog is about cooking and food, especially healthy food. I have really found pleasure this past summer in cooking meals and learning new recipes, or modifying recipes to make them Weight Loss friendly. Grocery shopping is in my top 5 favorite things to do in my spare time also so that helps with the whole cooking thing, I know a lot of people dread grocery shopping, but I love it!


Anyways the last few weeks my cooking has dwindled a bit because I am DIRT POOR! With my whole job thing being delayed 2 weeks and bills galore grocery shopping has been put on the back burner to make room for tuna sandwiches and whatever else I can scrape together with my cupboard remnants…ugg. We get paid on friday so hopefully I can stock up this weekend with good stuff. I actually decided to make a list of stuff to get based on a few recipes I want to make:

-Potatoes (10 Smaller Yellow ones)

-Onion (2 Larger ones)

-Vegetable Broth

-Milk & Light Soy Milk

-Tomatoes (2)

-Avacodo (2)


-Pico De Galo

-Shreaded Parmisian

-Chicken Breast


-Ground Turkey

-Tomatoe Soup (low Sodium)

-Light Feta

-Stewed Tomatoes (2 Cans)

-Part Skim Ricotta Cheese

-Skim Motzerella

-Butternut Squash

-Acorn Squash

-Red pepper flakes

-Granny Smith Apples


-Fat Free Half and Half (yes its a real thing)

This is going to be what I need to make a ton of soups! YUM! Also it’s a lot of basic ingredients I need for other things. Making lists helps me a lot! Im hoping to have at least 4 new recipe post for next week. Tonight Im going to try to whip up some easy meals for us to take to work this week so we dont have to eat out. Im also on the hunt for some good healthy cooking blogs. It seems the healthy ones often dont have pictures, and the ones that do have pictures arent really health based (and yes by health based I do mean lower calorie).

Oh and I REALLY want to make these:


2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Love

  1. I stumbled onto your blog a while back through my sister’s blog ( and love it. I’ve never commented until now but I just want to say that you are an inspiration and I love your honesty and openness about this path you are on.

    After reading your blog, I went on a search for more ‘healthy living’ blogs that would encourage me to shape up my life. I can’t help but share one that has done wonders for me.

    Her name is Gina, she’s married to a handsome Air Force pilot, she’s a personal trainer, an aspiring chef, and she’s just awesome. If you jump right into the current postings, it might not be as helpful because she has a very strict diet and workout program that she lives her life by. It was a little overwhelming for me. So go to the archives and start from the beginning. You get a better idea of how she got this healthy and her reasons for doing so. Plus, she is an awesome cook and she posts pictures of EVERYTHING she eats.

    Everyone is inspired differently, but this girl’s blog has helped me so much and encouraged me to change my life and be a much healthier person. Hopefully you will enjoy it too!

    (ps…I made your stuffed acorn squash last week…just switched out a few ingredients using what was in my fridge…and it was AMAZING!!!!! Oh my God good!! My boyfriend thanks you!)

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